Milk n' Sugar Milk n' Sugar Milk n' Sugar Milk n' Sugar


Precision cut from durable type 260 brass and engraved to a depth of .005″ to ensure your mobile number is legible for years to come. Natural tumbled finish will darken with use.

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A gunmetal steel casing and high quality tan leather strap manufactured in Germany.

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A friendly toaster with marshmallow like roundness.


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A tongue and groove system allows for easy loading and unloading of the rack. Simply lift the record into the top groove, push the record back towards the wall, and the record will sit into the bottom groove.

Shown in American walnut, available in domestic wood species. Proudly made in the USA.

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matic-pen-one matic-pen-two matic-pen-three

Slick but substantial.

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bradley-one bradley-two

The track on the inside of the markers indicates the minutes, and the track running along the outer edge of the watchface indicates the hours.

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day-night-tee-one day-night-tee-two day-night-tee-threeDay — A fresh beginning, new opportunities, carpe diem

Night — Reflect, recharge, dream.

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azmaya-knife-one azmaya-knife-two azmaya-knife-three

Designed by Osamu Saruyama and crafted by Japanese artisans using traditional techniques and materials. Perfectly balanced in form and weight.

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cage-shelf-one cage-shelf-two cage-shelf-three cage-shelf-four


The wire-frame holdall for everything from hats and scarves in winter to an extra beach towel in the summer is topped with a wood shelf that’s a perfect spot for keys, pocket change or a phone.

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diamond-box-one diamond-box-two diamond-box-three diamond-box-four

Hide a precious gem or other special item inside. The crown and base of this beech wood box are embedded with tiny magnets for a seamless and secure hideaway.

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haringe-lounge-armchair-one haringe-lounge-armchair-two


Crafted in teak and features a black powder-coated steel frame and natural grey cushions. Covered in a durable sunbrella fabric, the cushions are designed for use outdoors, making the armchair an excellent choice for a patio or deck.

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ugmonk-book-four ugmonk-book-three ugmonk-book-two

A sketch, an idea, a random thought. You never know when you’ll need to capture a moment of inspiration, and what better place to capture that sketch, idea, or thought than in an Ugmonk sketchbook.

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basket-one basket-two

Powder-coated plated steel.

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studiopatro-towels-one studiopatro-towels-two

Simply the best everyday kitchen towel you will ever find. Made of 100% cotton, the flour sack towels are soft, lint-free and durable.

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stelton-clock-one stelton-clock-two

Simplicity gives the clock a unique, graphical look and the absence of traditional clock casing creates the illusion of floating on the wall.

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hum-notebook-one hum-notebook-two hum-notebook-three

A collaboration between osaka-based design firm graf and stationery manufacturer hightide. The dog ear notebook features a 3 mm grid pattern and special perforated corners on every page. Comes in natural gray, blue, and yellow.

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lava-one lava-two lava-three lava-four

Carved in volcanic Stone, illuminated by a brass accent, this set of plates reenacts our roots in a contemporary proposal.
In the hands of the craftsman who caresses and polished it the wild stone texture becomes a sensible and human object.
Sculptural display that supports a living light throbbing in the shades.

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azmaya-cutting-board-one azmaya-cutting-board-two


These single-piece boards are made of solid kiso hinoki, a slow-growing cypress tree from  the kiso region of japan, the same wood used in high-quality table tennis rackets. Lightweight, with a very fine and uniform grain, this durable material is naturally mold and mildew resistant, and has a beautiful citrus scent.

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muji-air-two muji-air-three muji-air-four muji-air-five muji-air-one

An air purifier with dual counter fan and 360°dust collection and deodorizing filter, this air purifier quickly removes matter suspended in the air. Air is drawn in from around the air purifier and clean air is emitted from the top of the product.

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