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ugmonk-book-four ugmonk-book-three ugmonk-book-two

A sketch, an idea, a random thought. You never know when you’ll need to capture a moment of inspiration, and what better place to capture that sketch, idea, or thought than in an Ugmonk sketchbook.

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basket-one basket-two

Powder-coated plated steel.

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studiopatro-towels-one studiopatro-towels-two

Simply the best everyday kitchen towel you will ever find. Made of 100% cotton, the flour sack towels are soft, lint-free and durable.

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stelton-clock-one stelton-clock-two

Simplicity gives the clock a unique, graphical look and the absence of traditional clock casing creates the illusion of floating on the wall.

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hum-notebook-one hum-notebook-two hum-notebook-three

A collaboration between osaka-based design firm graf and stationery manufacturer hightide. The dog ear notebook features a 3 mm grid pattern and special perforated corners on every page. Comes in natural gray, blue, and yellow.

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lava-one lava-two lava-three lava-four

Carved in volcanic Stone, illuminated by a brass accent, this set of plates reenacts our roots in a contemporary proposal.
In the hands of the craftsman who caresses and polished it the wild stone texture becomes a sensible and human object.
Sculptural display that supports a living light throbbing in the shades.

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azmaya-cutting-board-one azmaya-cutting-board-two


These single-piece boards are made of solid kiso hinoki, a slow-growing cypress tree from  the kiso region of japan, the same wood used in high-quality table tennis rackets. Lightweight, with a very fine and uniform grain, this durable material is naturally mold and mildew resistant, and has a beautiful citrus scent.

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muji-air-two muji-air-three muji-air-four muji-air-five muji-air-one

An air purifier with dual counter fan and 360°dust collection and deodorizing filter, this air purifier quickly removes matter suspended in the air. Air is drawn in from around the air purifier and clean air is emitted from the top of the product.

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simple-candle-one simple-candle-two

Entirely for ambiance and aesthetics. To be enjoyed either burning or leaving as is.

Thanks to Isaac Daniels for the find.

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sweaper-two sweaper-one sweaper-three

We previously posted on this product. But now she is available for purchase. Up your sweeper game!

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Congratulations to Vincent Laine for winning the Risograph Calendar Giveaway! Vincent we’ll be in touch :)

minimum-wallet-one minimum-wallet-two minimum-wallet-three

Handmade and hand dyed, vegetable tanned leather card case wallet.

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beolit-15-two beolit-15-one beolit-15-three

Beolit 15 is a minimalist design created by Denmark-based designer Cecilie Manz. Excellent engineering and the unique True360 sound solution ensure your music sounds great, wherever you place Beolit 15.

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bottle-humidifier-onebottle-humidifier-three bottle-humidifier-two

The Bottle Humidifier is a culmination of pleasing aesthetics and modern utility. The humidifier can generate enough humidity to sufficiently supply any personal space, whether it be the bedroom, office, or living room. An intuitive dimming LED light softly indicates its operating status to the user.

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pebble-01-one pebble-01-two pebble-01-three


The 316L steel case holds a swiss made, gold plated, four jewels ronda movement with up to ten years battery life. It comes with a sapphire crystal and rests on a double sided Italian leather strap.

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moire-one moire-two moire-three moire-four

The Moiré Side Tables have a minimalist yet bold form. The striped walnut top caps the molded wood base. The pair of tables are slightly different heights allowing them to nest nicely creating mesmerizing line patterns through the overlapping tops.

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slit-one slit-two slit-three slit-four slit-five

Available in black, gold, and silver. Made in Japan with extra super duralumin.

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borough-skillet-one borough-skillet-two borough-skillet-three

Made from 100% recycled iron, melted using waste vegetable oil, each piece is hand cast and finished and comes to you pre-seasoned with organic flax seed oil. Each skillet will have slight variations in appearance due to its hand finishing and is tagged with its edition number.

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Minimalistic sunset on the ocean imagery screen printed beautifully on bright white archival cover stock. Made in USA.

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tasca-one tasca-two tasca-three

A minimalist and elegant design.

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