Milk n' Sugar Milk n' Sugar Milk n' Sugar Milk n' Sugar


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lid-vase-one lid-vase-three

Various caps, which can be bought with the vase (or not, all depending on your taste), allow you to fill it with flowers in a composition you prefer.

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ypen-one ypen-two ypen-three

The brassing on the metal surface was accumulated through time. With the brassing, we can trace back the process that the user applied on the object.

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Available in three forms, triangle, diamond and square.

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Made in Switzerland. Leather and brass details with enough space that it can fit up to four watches.

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switch-one switch-two switch-four switch-three

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money-bag-one money-bag-two money-bag-three money-bag-four money-bag-five

Available in four convenient sizes: $10k, $100k, $400k and 1M.

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action-runner-one action-runner-two

Made of 80lb premium blend paper with a subtle texture, printed full bleed and perforated.

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Jersey shirt 100% organic cotton.

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wire-one wire-two wire-three wire-four

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Super durable, lightweight polycarbonate in matte black.

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vera-one vera-two

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the-soap-three the-soap-one the-soap-two

Manufactured using the “wakuneri” method, in which the soap paste is cauldron-cooked for 100 hours, then poured into a mold where it is cooled, dried, and aged for 20 days. This labor-intensive process creates a pure and dense soap that lasts a long time.

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Cast brass bottle opener with sand-blasted finish. Perfect on your bar or desk.

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det-danske-one det-danske-two

A classic all around beer glass for any beer type.

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d3-two d3-one d3-three

Ultralight, strong and discreet duffel that packs down to the size of a sweater.

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hook-one hook-two

A solid brass hook.

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del-dia-four del-dia-two del-dia-three del-dia-one

Packed with personality and history, each Luzon Del Dia is made proudly in the Philippines by an employee who has total creative control over the pack’s colorway. This means no two bags are alike and each bag will arrive at your door a total surprise.

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zip-folio-one zip-folio-two zip-folio-three

A simple and versatile pouch for organizing your essentials on the go. Constructed from sturdy 20 oz waxed cotton canvas and features a solid brass YKK zipper with imprinted leather zipper pull. Handcrafted in Denver Colorado.

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type-75-one type-75-two type-75-three type-75-four type-75-seven

Instilling modernity and new life into a well-loved design classic

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