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brass-keyring-one brass-keyring-two

Solid brass key ring with threaded hex-shaped closure. Easily holds more than a dozen keys, yet keeps them compactly folded within itself.

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Five color silk-screened cork with a key hole on the back for easy hanging. Materials: baltic birch, plywood, ink.

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mono-watch-one mono-watch-two mono-watch-three

Limited to 500 pieces, with 250 black dials and 250 silver dials.

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wire-table-one wire-table-two

Powder coated steel. Available in Pink, Tomato, White, Black, Mint and Aqua.

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mogu-coaster-one mogu-coaster-two

These elegant coasters are handmade by Mitsugu Morita in Fukuoka, Japan. The slightly curved corner provides a graceful and whimsical characteristic, as well as making the coaster easier to grab and pick up. Crafted out of solid cherry and walnut, with an oil-based satin finish that enhances the natural color and beauty of the wood.

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bookends-one bookends-two

Each set of bookends is machined from a single block of granite and serves as the ideal support for your heaviest tomes.

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usuhari-one usuhari-two

A mouth blown line of glassware handcrafted in Tokyo.

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tele-lens-one tele-lens-two tele-lens-three

Sharp from edge to edge and free of pin-cushion distortion, this lens delivers amazing image quality.

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ion-c-one ion-c-two ion-c-three

A playful approach to tabletop lighting, the Ion C is reworked in cool candy colors for an approachable spin on this Schoolhouse classic.

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moonshine-soap-one moonshine-soap-two

Like an old log cabin these are hand-cut, while comprised of 100% all natural ingredients, including exfoliating sea salt. No harsh, irritating chemicals here.

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wood-bumper-one wood-bumper-two wood-bumper-three wood-bumper-four wood-bumper-five

Handcrafted in Portland from local black Walnut.

Also available in Maple.

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flask-one flask-two flask-four flask-three

The flask is made with quarter inch ceramic white slip cast and accented with 2 leather straps, brass stud and brass button. The flask is 4.25 x 6.5 inches. The dark leather is oil tanned and the light leather is vegetable tanned. Made in America.

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Comes with 25 perfectly-sharpened colored pencils.

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gates-one gates-two gates-three gates-four gates-five

Gates is an interior croquet game for adult players. It’s composed of sycamore maple, cork and leather. It was realized thanks to French and Swiss craftsmen.

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min-playing-cards-one min-playing-cards-two min-playing-cards-three

Sustainably harvested cardstock and vegetable-based inks.

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lint-brush-one lint-brush-two lint-brush-three

The rubber strips take on a static charge through rubbing and brushing to attract hair, lint and dust. As an alternative to disposable adhesive lint rollers, you may have to rub a little longer and harder to get all the debris, but it will save you the trouble of dealing with sticky surfaces and cheap, non-reusable plastic parts. 

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Simple yet functional.

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fujiyama-one fujiyama-two

Good beer requires good presentation. Comes in a special solid paulownia wood box, like a traditional Japanese tea cup.

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copenhagen-speaker-one copenhagen-speaker-two copenhagen-speaker-three copenhagen-speaker-four copenhagen-speaker-five

Available in 6 different colors. Connects via either Bluetooth or WiFi.