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These coasters have a natural living finish that will evolve and darken with use. Lightly coated with wax and featuring a cork base, they will age beautifully into a one-of-a-kind vintage set.

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A raised profile, beechwood grain, and inviting graphic measurement markings let these cool rulers double as desk decorations.

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No two-handed fidgeting, just seamless and simple dispensing of tape by a bold and beautiful desk object.

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cinematype_one cinematype_two cinematype_three

This is an open edition of signed A3 letterpress prints, printed in two colors plus gold on heavyweight Fedrigoni paper.

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3/4 oz is all you’ll need to craft the best gin and tonic you’ve ever had.

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utilitybox-one utilitybox-two utilitybox-three utilitybox-four

For hobbyists, collectors and organizers everywhere. Available in red and green.

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lid-vase-one lid-vase-three

Various caps, which can be bought with the vase (or not, all depending on your taste), allow you to fill it with flowers in a composition you prefer.

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ypen-one ypen-two ypen-three

The brassing on the metal surface was accumulated through time. With the brassing, we can trace back the process that the user applied on the object.

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Available in three forms, triangle, diamond and square.

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Made in Switzerland. Leather and brass details with enough space that it can fit up to four watches.

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switch-one switch-two switch-four switch-three

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money-bag-one money-bag-two money-bag-three money-bag-four money-bag-five

Available in four convenient sizes: $10k, $100k, $400k and 1M.

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action-runner-one action-runner-two

Made of 80lb premium blend paper with a subtle texture, printed full bleed and perforated.

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Jersey shirt 100% organic cotton.

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wire-one wire-two wire-three wire-four

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Super durable, lightweight polycarbonate in matte black.

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vera-one vera-two

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the-soap-three the-soap-one the-soap-two

Manufactured using the “wakuneri” method, in which the soap paste is cauldron-cooked for 100 hours, then poured into a mold where it is cooled, dried, and aged for 20 days. This labor-intensive process creates a pure and dense soap that lasts a long time.

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Cast brass bottle opener with sand-blasted finish. Perfect on your bar or desk.

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