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code-sign-one code-sign-two

Powder-coated steel, powder-coated white aluminum, and translucent vinyl. Limited edition of 100 lights.


brown-bag-one brown-bag-two brown-bag-three

Designed and Manufactured in Los Angeles California.

No Longer Available ($140)


The idea of doing work has suddenly become a bit more attractive.

Buy Here ($72)

Powder coated heavy steel and Black Walnut work stool with back. Bearing swivel seat. Industrial character with updated proportions.

Also available in White and Pale Gray.

Buy here. ($425)

Each lamp is a one of a kind original.

Buy here. ($175)

It’s true, you should be optimistic.

Sew this sturdy felt backed patch onto a rucksack, jacket, or favorite cap and let it be a spark to buoy you up in the tiresome trenches of work, or on the inclement trails of adventure.

Buy here. ($6)