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mono-watch-one mono-watch-two mono-watch-three

Limited to 500 pieces, with 250 black dials and 250 silver dials.

Buy here. ($1800)

red-tote-one red-tote-two red-tote-three

A highly functional minimalist tote that is perfect for daily use.

Buy here. $70

white-duffle-one white-duffle-two white-duffle-three

Perfect for carrying fat stacks of cash. Handmade in San Francisco.


code-sign-one code-sign-two

Powder-coated steel, powder-coated white aluminum, and translucent vinyl. Limited edition of 100 lights.


sond-one sond-two sond-three

Injection molded in one single piece. With eight colors available of each component the Sond can create over 500 unique color combinations.

No Longer Available ($95)



A lace up boot made in a black and grey leather, with a white and brown rubber sole made of cork.


saga-one saga-two saga-three

The Saga combines posture with comfort effortlessly.

No Longer Available  ($2360)

yo-dish-one yo-dish-two

Handmade by Japanese potter Kazumi Kato and is great for little fruits and yoghurt at breakfast time. These are made by hand so each one differs slightly from the photo, they all have their own unique character.

No Longer Available ($48)

yeti-cooler-one yeti-cooler-two yeti-cooler-three

Available in white and tan and in a wide variety of sizes. The best part of the yeti cooler? It’s grizzly-proof.

Buy here. ($429)


Buy here. ($20)

sound1-one sound1-two sound1-three sound1-four sound1-five sound1-six sound1-seven

The Sound1 Speaker pairs with Bluetooth enabled portable devices to provide beautifully clear and crisp stereo sound. Embedded magnets allow the speakers to be conjoined into a single piece, allowing them to be conveniently relocated, or stored neatly in the included pouch. When not in use, the cables are stored inconspicuously within the empty space at the bottom of the speakers.

Buy here. ($85)

yumaki-one yumaki-two yumaki-three yumaki-four

Scandinavian designed ergonomic toothbrushes. Available in quality materials like organic bamboo or matte sugar cane plastic. Buy a single or buy a subscription, your choice.

Buy here. ($15)

fire-ex-one fire-ex-two fire-ex-three fire-ex-four

An everyday object redesigned with an attention to detail.

Buy here. ($133)

jan-dustpan-one jan-dustpan-two jan-dustpan-three jan-dustpan-four

A simple every day product rethought with care and functionality in mind.

More Info. ($TBD)

plus-iphone-one plus-iphone-two plus-iphone-three plus-iphone-four plus-iphone-five

Pantone goodness for your iPhone.

No Longer Available ($28)


This stool design is a consideration of the basic simplicity of form and function.

Buy here. ($925)

rose-hoodie-one rose-hoodie-two

Hand cut and lined with unbelievable attention to detail.

No Longer Available ($90)

nike-toki-one nike-toki-two nike-toki-three

No Longer Available ($81)



Hierarchy, flow, function, space. How ideas take shape.

No Longer Available ($26)

saturdays-again-one saturdays-again-two saturdays-again-three saturdays-again-four saturdays-again-five saturdays-again-six saturdays-again-seven

334 pages perfect bound. No advertising: Cover to cover editorial content. Printed at Oddi in Iceland.

Buy here. ($25)