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hudson-sofa-one hudson-sofa-two hudson-sofa-three

Teak frame designed by Ib Kofod-Larsen. New cushions upholstered in deadstock Hudson Bay blankets.

No Longer Available ($4,200)

fresh-fan-one fresh-fan-two

24″ diameter, three speed fan. Wall mounted or table top.

No Longer Available ($450)

yellow-chair-one yellow-chair-two

A sharp white fiberglass Eames chair completely customized with Hyper Yellow powder coated base.

Buy here. ($310)

surplus-overnight-one surplus-overnight-two surplus-overnight-three

Washed out cotton canvas bag with a vintage american flag patch. Made in America. 

Buy here. ($48)

hard-bag-one hard-bag-two hard-bag-three hard-bag-four hard-bag-five

This is a fine piece of real luggage. Perfect for short trips to take on board. Carry it with pride from country to country. The shoulder strap is fully adjustable and can be removed if you don’t need it. Fully lined with rich British wool and reinforced in all the right places.

No Longer Available ($919)


Buy here. ($5,220)



Vintage Colors magazines.

Buy here. ($40)

Props to Tom Stadum for the find.

ganji-one ganji-two

By our estimation the Ganji Kankiri is an ingenious device, a tool whose parts have been reduced to its purest form. This is a solid Japanese-built can opener that’s dishwasher safe, and is a smart thing to have around the home, cabin, and office.

Buy here. ($16)

belgium-darts-one belgium-darts-two belgium-darts-three

Vogelpik (the game of Belgian Darts) is said to have originated in Flanders in the late 18th century, the boards and darts have evolved, and are now being made by hand in the USA. Each set comes with a board cut from end grain basswood, scoring rings are separated by a hydraulically inserted brass, and the darts are finely balanced, polished steel tips, and birch wood barrels and shafts.

Buy here. ($120)

Free & Easy is a contemporary Japanese men’s lifestyle & fashion magazine that features a catalog of genuine vintage clothing and mainly Japanese reproduction brands, focusing on the rugged side of Americana.

No Longer Available ($30)

Each duffel uses a 40 year old, 100% wool, swiss army blanket so each individual duffel is completely unique.

Buy here. ($300)

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Simply beautiful.

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Each lamp includes 8 feet of cotton cord in the color of your choice.

No Longer Available ($78)

Design by Dieter Rams and Jurgen Greubel, 1969.

Buy here. ($546)

Limited Issue. Only 25 in print.

The front of each shirt is individually typeset by hand using vintage woodtype. As a result, the letter-spacing is varied, and each impression distinct (some light, others dark), making each shirt unique and perfectly imperfect.

No Longer Available ($45)

Holy first-aid batman! This almost makes me want to get hurt, just so I can utilize it’s awesomeness.

A small all-purpose first aid kit designed for convenience, portability, and everyday use. Contents come securely packed in a sturdy metal dust and moisture-resistant box with hanging brackets. An indispensable life-saving tool, and a wonderful emblem for your wall. OSHA certified and approved by the US Forest Service.

Buy here. ($68)

These Helvetica jars would go great with these Helvetica Salt & Pepper shakers.

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Classic 1950’s Eames DKX wire side chair.

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