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Blub is a clock which pairs retro technology with modern aesthetics, making a stylish addition to any desk, shelf or bedside table.



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A lovely Braun coffee grinder. Guaranteed to look amazing in any kitchen.

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Made for Best Made exclusively by America’s foremost maker of playing cards, the company most trusted by casinos, card sharks, bamboozlers, fabulists, magicians, and maligners the world over.

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Compatible with all old school Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPhone products. Length: 3 Feet

No Longer Available ($18)

Holy first-aid batman! This almost makes me want to get hurt, just so I can utilize it’s awesomeness.

A small all-purpose first aid kit designed for convenience, portability, and everyday use. Contents come securely packed in a sturdy metal dust and moisture-resistant box with hanging brackets. An indispensable life-saving tool, and a wonderful emblem for your wall. OSHA certified and approved by the US Forest Service.

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Your Ray-Bans just not cutting it anymore? Well here you go.

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I’ve posted something similar to this in the past here. But this wholesale supplier in France will provide you with the materials you need to make your own original light at a fraction of the cost.

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A one of a kind German wall calendar from the 1960s.

No longer available. ($232)

No Longer Available ($490)

Georg Jensen is introducing a new trendy collection of Nato watch straps. The Nato Straps derive from the British Military where the different regiments each have their own strap color combination. Nato straps are made of nylon and have steel buckles. The straps come in a great variety of color combinations. The straps especially became popular when Sean Connery wore a Nato Strap on his Rolex Submariner watch in the early James Bond films. Blue and red NATO strap for Koppel model 317 and model 318.

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Eskuche 45 headphones are constructed with metal ear cups and a custom cd texture that is inspired by premium vintage audio equipment. the headphone has a single-rod ear cup to headband design that allows 180° ear cup rotation while minimizing the amount of parts and movements within the headphone, thus making the headphone more durable. the 45 comes with a detachable 150cm woven cloth cable with a gold plated screw on 6.3mm adaptor, as well as a woven cloth mic cable with answer/end + play/pause enabling you to experience the headphones with multiple music output devices.

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Ummm, you just have to love these retro iPhone 4 cases.

No Longer Available. ($15)

Looking for a way to cool off this summer that won’t spoil your carefully curated early 20th century vibe? The Arden Fan is a fine choice, thanks to its walnut finish, tripod-style legs, and oil-rubbed bronze construction, while its three-speed 74 x 18 motor and 50 degree oscillation remind you that you’re not really living in the past.

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Retro yet contemporary.

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A swell use of your iPhone. Buy here. ($40)