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Slick but substantial.


scorekeeper-two scorekeeper-one

Game night? Scorekeeper has you covered. Throw away that pen and paper and keep score in style. More apps over here on

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The Delfonics wooden writing instruments feel both sophisticated and simple at the same time. The juxtaposition of the hexagonal wooden shaft and the precision metal componentry is really what sets these apart.

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Made in Korea. Comes in a variety of colors: Orange, Salmon, Blue, White, and Black

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I tried a lot of different pens in my lifetime, however I always seem to come back to this cheap but impressive writing utensil. In my opinion, a good pen needs to have several qualities in order to be considered a “good” pen, and this Zebra F-301 lives up to all of the following standards.

  • It needs to be less then $3, because I hate losing a $50 pen.
  • I need to be able to buy it in bulk, because I lose at least one pen per month.
  • It needs to feel decent when I’m writing, because that’s the point.
  • It needs to have a minimalist design, because anything busy is just a distraction
  • It needs to work 99.9% of the time, even after a plane flight.

However, while all of the above standards are essential in finding a decent pen, the true test of quality is whether or not people steal your pen in a meeting. Sure everyone loses a pen every now and again, but I’m talking about frequency. If people are stealing your pen on a consistent basis then that means it’s a quality pen.

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