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nude-speaker-one nude-speaker-two nude-speaker-three nude-speaker-four nude-speaker-five

A premium product at a non-premium price point. Bluetooth range of 30 feet, plus an 8 hour battery life.

Buy here. ($50)

sound1-one sound1-two sound1-three sound1-four sound1-five sound1-six sound1-seven

The Sound1 Speaker pairs with Bluetooth enabled portable devices to provide beautifully clear and crisp stereo sound. Embedded magnets allow the speakers to be conjoined into a single piece, allowing them to be conveniently relocated, or stored neatly in the included pouch. When not in use, the cables are stored inconspicuously within the empty space at the bottom of the speakers.

Buy here. ($85)


A classic rectangular ear cup shape, with calibrated clamping force provides a custom fit, while plush ear cup cushioning and a soft, padded, pliable headband combine for hours of comfort. Made for iPod/iPhone/iPads, this item also features a 3 button mic control that allows the user to directly control their Apple device by adding volume control, track skip, and track return to the play/pause + answer/end functionality.

Buy here. ($60)

audyssey-one audyssey-two

These wireless speakers deliver well-rounded, distortion-free audio and a punchy bass. A nice bonus you’ll find with these speakers, in comparison to most monolithic Bluetooth devices, is better stereo separation, since you can place the Audysseys several feet apart. Out of the box, the speakers pair to any Bluetooth device via a small rear button.

Buy here. ($250)


Buy here. ($5,220)

A clean design from Danish audio geeks AIAIAI. Features an iconic brace design which ensures a comfortable and secure fit. The inline 3 button microphone works when answering calls and also functions as a song and volume control when listening to music.

Buy here. ($105)

Design by Dieter Rams and Jurgen Greubel, 1969.

Buy here. ($546)

Created specifically with the iPhone 4 in mind, and compatible with a broad array of Apple listening devices, these are the headphones for those in search of a design and quality worth pairing with your iPhone. 

Those obsessed with detail will appreciate how the width of the cable and the edge finishing on the remote is nearly identical to edge on the iPhone 4, and how the L-shaped plug blends seamlessly with the iPhone 4’s form-factor.

When it comes to sound, the a-JAYS Four do not disappoint. They ship with a range of in-ear sleeves to provide ideal sound isolation, no matter the user. The 8.6 mm speakers deliver a well-balanced sound with a solid bass response, and have been tweaked to perform great in the voice frequency range, so that phone calls don’t have to take a back seat.

No Longer Available ($48)


Weather resistant, fully foldable, and constructed of fiberglass reinforced nylon to withstand everyday use. Features three-button in-line remote and protected 40mm titanium drivers.

No Longer Available ($99)

Buy here. ($186)

It seems like everyone and their mother is coming out with headphones these days, but nonetheless these cans are tight.  And considering they were designed in collaboration with several major DJ’s and tested on stages all over the world I’m guessing they are worth their weight in gold.

The limited edition Fool’s Gold line brings a new colourway and special technical features to the TMA-1, not found in the standard version.

Buy here. ($304)

The mini is available in either classic rich solid walnut or warm solid cherry wood. The finish is a hand rubbed Earth friendly orange oil and beeswax combination which gives a beautiful soft luster to the wood while sealing and protecting its beauty.

No Longer Available($70)

Libratone Lounge is an AirPlay sound system for your living room. Stream audio wirelessly from your iPhone, iPad or iPod or connect easily to your TV set for a jawdropping 360° sound experience.

Available at any Apple retail store. ($1,299)