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copenhagen-speaker-one copenhagen-speaker-two copenhagen-speaker-three copenhagen-speaker-four copenhagen-speaker-five

Available in 6 different colors. Connects via either Bluetooth or WiFi.


white-duffle-one white-duffle-two white-duffle-three

Perfect for carrying fat stacks of cash. Handmade in San Francisco.


bulb-one bulb-two bulb-three bulb-four

Blub is a clock which pairs retro technology with modern aesthetics, making a stylish addition to any desk, shelf or bedside table.



Let’s face it, the default notes app that comes with iOS is a little, shall we say, lacking. If you’re tired of its short comings then you should give this simple yet powerful app a go. It was designed with simplicity in mind, so using it just feels natural. It is also quite capable, with cloud syncing options available for both iCloud and Dropbox. Over the past couple of years I’ve tried about a dozen or so note apps on the iPhone that include Dropbox sync capability (so that I can access my notes on my Mac and iPad seamlessly), the vast majority of them simply don’t work, but iA Writer works every time. I have yet to have a data loss, which is vital when you’re jotting down things you need to remember. The iOS version is both an iPhone and iPad app, so that’s swell. The Mac, Windows, iphone, iphad, and Android versions available here.

This is the only text app I would recommend to replace Notes on your iPhone. Don’t sell yourself short with cheap and ugly alternatives.

outlier-one outlier-two outlier-three outlier-four

A simple featherweight and backcountry tough bag. Made with Hyperlite Mountain Gear using nonwoven Dyneema, a fiber that is 10x stronger than steel yet floats on water. Packs flat for easy travel.

No Longer Available ($161)

yeti-cooler-one yeti-cooler-two yeti-cooler-three

Available in white and tan and in a wide variety of sizes. The best part of the yeti cooler? It’s grizzly-proof.

Buy here. ($429)

sound1-one sound1-two sound1-three sound1-four sound1-five sound1-six sound1-seven

The Sound1 Speaker pairs with Bluetooth enabled portable devices to provide beautifully clear and crisp stereo sound. Embedded magnets allow the speakers to be conjoined into a single piece, allowing them to be conveniently relocated, or stored neatly in the included pouch. When not in use, the cables are stored inconspicuously within the empty space at the bottom of the speakers.

Buy here. ($85)

yumaki-one yumaki-two yumaki-three yumaki-four

Scandinavian designed ergonomic toothbrushes. Available in quality materials like organic bamboo or matte sugar cane plastic. Buy a single or buy a subscription, your choice.

Buy here. ($15)


High-fired ceramics with glazed interior.

Buy here. ($34)


For the minimalists and material purists. Nothing but 100% wool felt and a good fit.

Buy here. ($19)

wireware-one wireware-two wireware-three wireware-four

The collection includes a bread basket, fruit basket, egg carton, egg cup, and a toast stand.

Buy here. ($74)

plus-iphone-one plus-iphone-two plus-iphone-three plus-iphone-four plus-iphone-five

Pantone goodness for your iPhone.

No Longer Available ($28)


Simple, and to the point.

Buy here. ($2775)

yoshino-two yoshino-one yoshino-three

Yoshino cedar chopsticks are made from the otherwise wasted scraps of wood from thinned trees in the Yoshino Mountains of Nara. The chopsticks are all natural. Attractively packaged in wax paper wrapping in sets of 10. 

Buy here. ($10)

coffee-2-cup-one coffee-2-cup-two

The small and compact coffee maker, comprising of a polypropylene resin shell and stainless steel removable plate, can extract two cups worth of coffee simultaneously. The only decorative feature is the small subtle logo at the back of the machine.

Available in three colors – black, red and beige.

Buy here. ($55)

trusco-case-one trusco-case-two trusco-case-three trusco-case-five trusco-case-four

The rugged Trusco tool box is a classic. Manufactured of stamped and enameled steel, it features a unique hinged lid and removable dividers that allow for a range of tools and uses.

Buy here. ($85)

stealth-black-one stealth-black-two stealth-black-three stealth-black-four

Made in the legendary steel town of Sheffield England by 11th generation scissor makers, originally designed for industrial use — specifically to cut through Kevlar — these shears are awe inspiring. No matter the material you cut, be it packing tape, fabric, cardboard, or a bolt of ballistic nylon, you’ll feel an uncanny sense of ease, and left to wonder how you managed life without them. These shears are the perfect household and workshop tool: heavy, indestructible, extremely sharp, and non-stick (tapes and adhesives won’t gum them up).

Buy here. ($66)

nike-mint-one nike-mint-three nike-mint-two

Canvas upper with Crystal Mint swoosh logo embroided on the side, brown laces, Nike zoom air inner sole, vulcanized outsole construction.

Buy here. ($91)

newton-one newton-two newton-three

Available in 6 different colorways. Also includes a hidden version of pong.

Buy here. ($125)

neat-desk-one neat-desk-two

Simple but attractive. The way a desk should look.

Buy here. (starting at $2972)