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french-press-ti-one french-press-ti-two french-press-ti-three

Perfect for backpacking at a weight of only 6.3 oz.


bulb-one bulb-two bulb-three bulb-four

Blub is a clock which pairs retro technology with modern aesthetics, making a stylish addition to any desk, shelf or bedside table.


light-pod-one light-pod-four light-pod-three light-pod-two

Turn your tripod into a light stand. The stainless steel bracket fits any standard tripod thread.


plug-lamp-one plug-lamp-two plug-lamp-three plug-lamp-four

Simple, colorful and unique.


lign-one lign-two lign-three

The ultra thin Lign Pendant by Theetes is 6mm of walnut wood, hand-turned to perfection.

No Longer Available ($2,900)

heavy-wall-lamp-one heavy-wall-lamp-two

Slip cast concrete wall lamp.

Buy here. ($334)

Though relatively small, the X5 is nonetheless rugged and powerful. The body is machined from solid bar stock (not extruded tubing) with high grade anodized finish, and even features anodized threading on the ends for more reliable sealing.

Buy here. ($50)

Fits a cell phone and other miscellanies, or use as wallet. Features simple fold over design with suspender elastic closure. Made in the USA.

No Longer Available ($50)

Each lamp includes 8 feet of cotton cord in the color of your choice.

No Longer Available ($78)

Bookman Light is a bike light. Easy to attach and detach. Attach front light on the handlebar and tail light on the seat post.

Available in red, blue, green, yellow orange, black, and white.

Buy here. ($25)


Buy here. ($198)

The Coco Mini Pendant was designed by Australian designer, Kate Stokes. The smooth turned victorian ash genuinely compliments the powder coat spun aluminum shade creating a warm glow from within. Coco Mini has become quite popular amongst the residential design crowd as it offers a nice alternative in size to the original (and larger) Coco Pendant.

Buy here. ($1,800)

Props to Jeff Sheldon for the find.

The Plumen 001 is the world’s first designer low energy light bulb. The dynamic, sculptured form contrasts to the dull regular shapes of existing low energy bulbs, in an attempt to make the Plumen a centrepiece, not afterthought. The Plumen 001 works like any other high quality low energy bulb – saving you 80% on your energy bills and lasting 8 times longer than a standard incandescent bulb.

Buy here. ($30)

Buy here. ($370)

I’ve posted something similar to this in the past here. But this wholesale supplier in France will provide you with the materials you need to make your own original light at a fraction of the cost.

Buy here. $5/meter

Buy here. ($886)

Each lamp is a one of a kind original.

Buy here. ($175)

Placed where the wall and ceiling meet, the Corner Light creates an equilateral triangle of light nestled in the corner of a room. The integrated form implies the lamp is part of the architecture of the room, but the purposefully exposed cable reveals that the light’s placement is temporary. The light is held up with a simple steel bracket that mounts to the wall and an aluminum frame; a fabric diffuser magnetically attaches to the frame to complete the lamp. Available in two sizes, the novel idea and clever execution of Corner Light makes a contradictory statement that is both inherently iconic and minimalist at the same time.

No longer Available ($1,270)


What a lovely little desk lamp. Although I have a feeling you could make this yourself if you were feeling inspired enough.

No Longer Available ($339)