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sond-one sond-two sond-three

Injection molded in one single piece. With eight colors available of each component the Sond can create over 500 unique color combinations.

No Longer Available ($95)

walnut-rocker-one walnut-rocker-two walnut-rocker-three walnut-rocker-four

Molded plywood rocking chair. The seat and seat back are molded plywood veneered in Walnut. Curved foam cushions wrapped in charcoal tweed. The base is welded steel in a matte black durable powder-coated finish. The rocker skids are solid walnut. Handmade to order in about 4-8 weeks.

No Longer Available $375



A lace up boot made in a black and grey leather, with a white and brown rubber sole made of cork.


incase-hardshell-one incase-hardshell-two incase-hardshell-three incase-hardshell-four incase-hardshell-five

Midsize carry-on with enhanced protection and room for a long weekend.

Buy here. ($300)

felt-case-one felt-case-two felt-case-three felt-case-four

The case only takes up a small space within your bag, but serves its purpose as a protector and organizer for your various needs. The cases are intricately hand-made, and come with various pockets as well to fit cables, business cards, and other small accessories.

No Longer Available ($45)

luna-one luna-two luna-three

Add some originality to your iPhone.

Buy here. ($23)

existential-one existential-two existential-three existential-four

Buy here. ($109)

block-holder-one block-holder-two block-holder-three

Business card holder made out of pure concrete.

No Longer Available ($25)


For the minimalists and material purists. Nothing but 100% wool felt and a good fit.

Buy here. ($19)


A breath of fresh air.

No Longer Available ($2277)

rose-hoodie-one rose-hoodie-two

Hand cut and lined with unbelievable attention to detail.

No Longer Available ($90)

nike-toki-one nike-toki-two nike-toki-three

No Longer Available ($81)



Each Lasso slipper is made from a single piece of felt, with a leather sole. The flat pattern is shaped simply by sewing the provided lace through the corresponding precut holes. They are delivered flat-packed with laces of your choice.

Buy here. ($42)

brigade-sock-one brigade-sock-two

Available in red, orange, and blue.

Buy here. ($20)

ruby-one ruby-two

A helmet with character and soul.

Buy here. ($1250)

Wool blend cap with front embroidery and compression closure.

Buy here. ($32)

Soft chambray tie from General Knot & Co with deadstock floral lining.

No longer Available ($88)

Buy here. ($39)

A mid top silhouette with simple lines and panels built on a low profile, vulcanized sole. Slim fit and minimal branding.

No Longer Available ($85)

The all white version of the flag was also featured here on Milk n’ Sugar.

No Longer Available ($185)