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tarmac-gold-one tarmac-gold-two

What makes the Ellepi stapler smile? Does its high-shine finish tickle? Does it gloat, knowing its retro style still charms? Maybe these little staplers are dreaming of their Italian roots, growing up in small batches in a cozy 4-man factory near Milan. One way or another, their personality is undeniable and the smirk is infectious. 


leather-mat-one leather-mat-two leather-mat-three

Die-cut from Imported Italian saddle leather, they are lightly tanned and will mark with age and use. 

Buy Here  ($200)

vide-poche-one vide-poche-two vide-poche-three vide-poche-four

A double-sided tray for coins, keys, phones, wallets etc, one can either use the division side, or the single tray reverse. They come in two finishes; aluminium and gunmetal bronze.

Buy here. (starting at $180)

block-holder-one block-holder-two block-holder-three

Business card holder made out of pure concrete.

No Longer Available ($25)

alarm-dock-one alarm-dock-two alarm-dock-three

Alarm Dock from Areaware. This clever dock works with a downloadable app on your phone to transform your iPhone into a flip clock. Your charger can be discretely tucked away inside the dock, allowing your iPhone to be charged while docked.

No Longer Available ($41)


Available in naval brass and machined steel.

Buy here. ($285)

tape-iron-one tape-iron-two tape-iron-three tape-iron-four

Beautifully designed Nambu Iron Tape Dispenser, finished with a black lacquer glaze.

Buy here. ($156)

milo-one milo-two milo-three

The Milo stand offers an elegant way to prop your iPhone on a desktop, nightstand, or worktop. It features a Japanese micro-suction on both the top and bottom surfaces, which make the accessory stable and dead-easy to use. Any device with a smooth hard surface can be placed horizontally or vertically on the micro-suction pad, allowing for a comfortable viewing angle and hands-free use.

Buy here. ($13)

air-slab-one air-slab-two air-slab-three

The AirSlab is a simple and beautiful solution to combat the high operating temperature of laptops. Laser cut out of full grain walnut veneer, carefully hand-finished, and oiled right here in the USA.

Buy here. ($60)


The idea of doing work has suddenly become a bit more attractive.

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Buy here. ($32)

Heavy and elemental, the paper weight is made of solid copper that has been brushed and waxed by hand.

Buy here. ($95)

Each mousepad is cut from a single slab of vegetable-tanned skirting leather. The edges are then dyed and burnished and the top surface is hand waxed.

Buy here. ($75)

These handmade mouse pads are available in neon yellow, neon pink, neon purple, gold, white and charcoal.

Buy here. ($35)

Keep your cords organized and concealed.

Buy here. ($30)

The Space Bar is a simple, elegantly-designed desk accessory that minimizes clutter while providing additional USB ports for your computer.

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Colors available for purchase: Black, Red, Blue, and Brown.

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