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Tame the beast with this refined design cord holder. The Cordlupa is designed to stay on the cube so it’s fast & simple to wrap up when ready to travel or store.


Buy here. ($20)

Buy here. ($10)

I’ve posted something similar to this in the past here. But this wholesale supplier in France will provide you with the materials you need to make your own original light at a fraction of the cost.

Buy here. $5/meter

Extension cords you won’t want to hide.

These cloth covered extension cords are woven in Massachusetts using three copper wires, each stranded and covered in PVC insulation. The wires are twisted together, padded, and braided with a durable cotton weave. Cords are then assembled in New York using solid brass plug blades that are set in a rubber plug (which will resist chemicals and stay flexible in extremely low temperatures). Includes a Phillips combination slot mount with terminal screws which meets all U.L. 498 requirements. These extension cords are recommended to be used in the home and shop for small appliances. If you don’t know whether you need two or three conductor wire then please consult an electrician or building inspector.

Buy here. ($30)