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incase-hardshell-one incase-hardshell-two incase-hardshell-three incase-hardshell-four incase-hardshell-five

Midsize carry-on with enhanced protection and room for a long weekend.

Buy here. ($300)

felt-case-one felt-case-two felt-case-three felt-case-four

The case only takes up a small space within your bag, but serves its purpose as a protector and organizer for your various needs. The cases are intricately hand-made, and come with various pockets as well to fit cables, business cards, and other small accessories.

No Longer Available ($45)

luna-one luna-two luna-three

Add some originality to your iPhone.

Buy here. ($23)

black-suitcase-one black-suitcase-two black-suitcase-three

Black aluminium suitcase with enamelled logo. Quilted lining in laqué nylon, an historic Moncler material.

Buy here. ($1700)


For the minimalists and material purists. Nothing but 100% wool felt and a good fit.

Buy here. ($19)

dodo-notes-one dodo-notes-three dodo-notes-two dodo-notes-four dodo-notes-five

Tradition meets technology in the first-ever iPhone-compatible paper notebook.

No Longer Available ($14)

lenz-one lenz-two

The Lenz is a compact carrying case for your favorite writing instruments and drafting tools. It’s one of those classic accessories that (sadly) seems to have fallen out of favor in our digital era… a fact which, ironically, makes it so awesome. For architects, draftsmen, designers, artists, doodlers, and those obsessed with stationery, it is a perfect gift.

Buy here. ($75)

plus-iphone-one plus-iphone-two plus-iphone-three plus-iphone-four plus-iphone-five

Pantone goodness for your iPhone.

No Longer Available ($28)

best-toolbox-one best-toolbox-two best-toolbox-three best-toolbox-four best-toolbox-five best-toolbox-six best-toolbox-seven

This powder coated toolbox is hand-made, and hand-spot welded using 50+ year methods in the USA.

Buy here. ($89)

cordito-wrap-one cordito-wrap-two cordito-wrap-three

A gorgeously simple way to wrap your USB cords, earbuds, plugs and go. Made from premium leather and precisely measured to neatly hold your cords. Perfect for traveling.

Buy here. ($45)

goldie-one goldie-two

Add some personality to your charger. Available in a variety of colors.

Buy here. ($16)


Available in three sizes, the smallest is perfect for keeping your pens or pencils together, the medium great for keeping all sorts of small devices dry and the largest perfectly fitting an iPad, each size is cut from a water-resistant and stout 18 oz duck cotton with a tough zipper and an elegant shoe lace pull. To maintain the waterproofed nature, the inside seams are taped.

No Longer Available ($28)

butter-case-one butter-case-two butter-case-three

A perfect container for storing a large wad or small sticks of butter, cheese, or anything really.

Buy here. ($76)


Always know which key is which with some leather key covers.

No Longer Available ($15)

Buy here. ($32)

The Harlekin Laptop case comes in rustic brown with a leather detail, a zip around fastening and a metal zip pull.

No Longer Available ($233)

The perfect complement to a wonderful product. We featured the original version of the wood Miniot over here.

No Longer Available ($90)

Lovely shape for an iPad case, although it does seem a bit thick when compared to a thin iPad.

Buy here. ($75)

The case is made from punched leather with a fine Japanese flannel lining.

No Longer Available ($256)

Fits a cell phone and other miscellanies, or use as wallet. Features simple fold over design with suspender elastic closure. Made in the USA.

No Longer Available ($50)