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white-duffle-one white-duffle-two white-duffle-three

Perfect for carrying fat stacks of cash. Handmade in San Francisco.


fjbars-one fjbars-two

Handmade with cherry wood, aluminium and brass.


canvas-rucksack-one canvas-rucksack-two

Made from wax treated, water-repellent 18 oz. khaki canvas. Straps are hand-cut from vegetable tanned leather and reinforced with hand-nailed copper rivets at all major stress points. The straps buckle in such a way that they can be connected with each other, allowing the bag to be worn over one shoulder.  

No Longer Available ($275)


Solid 1 inch brass rings.

Buy here. ($6)


Available in naval brass and machined steel.

Buy here. ($285)

belgium-darts-one belgium-darts-two belgium-darts-three

Vogelpik (the game of Belgian Darts) is said to have originated in Flanders in the late 18th century, the boards and darts have evolved, and are now being made by hand in the USA. Each set comes with a board cut from end grain basswood, scoring rings are separated by a hydraulically inserted brass, and the darts are finely balanced, polished steel tips, and birch wood barrels and shafts.

Buy here. ($120)

Buy here. ($849)

Lovely form, simple function.

Buy here. ($42)

Each lamp includes 8 feet of cotton cord in the color of your choice.

No Longer Available ($78)