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mono-watch-one mono-watch-two mono-watch-three

Limited to 500 pieces, with 250 black dials and 250 silver dials.

Buy here. ($1800)

tarmac-gold-one tarmac-gold-two

What makes the Ellepi stapler smile? Does its high-shine finish tickle? Does it gloat, knowing its retro style still charms? Maybe these little staplers are dreaming of their Italian roots, growing up in small batches in a cozy 4-man factory near Milan. One way or another, their personality is undeniable and the smirk is infectious. 


hex-pen-one hex-pen-two

Slick but substantial.


bulb-one bulb-two bulb-three bulb-four

Blub is a clock which pairs retro technology with modern aesthetics, making a stylish addition to any desk, shelf or bedside table.


cordlupa-one cordlupa-two cordlupa-three

Tame the beast with this refined design cord holder. The Cordlupa is designed to stay on the cube so it’s fast & simple to wrap up when ready to travel or store.


redux-one redux-two redux-four

With simplicity and style at it’s core, the Redux is designed to not only turn heads, but to scrap with you anytime anywhere. It features a deceivingly roomy main compartment with weather resistant rolltop closure as well as a padded interior computer sleeve and an exterior accessory pocket.

No Longer Available

sond-one sond-two sond-three

Injection molded in one single piece. With eight colors available of each component the Sond can create over 500 unique color combinations.

No Longer Available ($95)

leatherman-one leatherman-two

Hardened simplicity.



Huron River Roast is an exclusive blend of Sumatran Lintong Volkopi, Ethiopian YirgaCheffe Konga, and Tanzanian Peaberry. This pairing offers the fruit forwardness of the Konga with the vegetal roundness of the Sumatra, balanced out with the subtle zest of the peaberry. 

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otto-one otto-two otto-three otto-four

Well designed and whisper-quiet.

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walnut-rocker-one walnut-rocker-two walnut-rocker-three walnut-rocker-four

Molded plywood rocking chair. The seat and seat back are molded plywood veneered in Walnut. Curved foam cushions wrapped in charcoal tweed. The base is welded steel in a matte black durable powder-coated finish. The rocker skids are solid walnut. Handmade to order in about 4-8 weeks.

No Longer Available $375



A lace up boot made in a black and grey leather, with a white and brown rubber sole made of cork.



Perfect for any plant.

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outlier-one outlier-two outlier-three outlier-four

A simple featherweight and backcountry tough bag. Made with Hyperlite Mountain Gear using nonwoven Dyneema, a fiber that is 10x stronger than steel yet floats on water. Packs flat for easy travel.

No Longer Available ($161)

existential-one existential-two existential-three existential-four

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yumaki-one yumaki-two yumaki-three yumaki-four

Scandinavian designed ergonomic toothbrushes. Available in quality materials like organic bamboo or matte sugar cane plastic. Buy a single or buy a subscription, your choice.

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fire-ex-one fire-ex-two fire-ex-three fire-ex-four

An everyday object redesigned with an attention to detail.

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kevlar-small-one kevlar-small-two

No matter the material you cut, be it packing tape, fabric, cardboard, or a bolt of ballistic nylon, you’ll feel an uncanny sense of ease, and left to wonder how you managed life without them. These shears are the perfect household and workshop tool.

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black-suitcase-one black-suitcase-two black-suitcase-three

Black aluminium suitcase with enamelled logo. Quilted lining in laqué nylon, an historic Moncler material.

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High-fired ceramics with glazed interior.

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