Milk n' Sugar Milk n' Sugar Milk n' Sugar Milk n' Sugar

Although Chuckle takes the form of a perfect circle, the varying thickness of the rim makes the bowl look different from any angle. Comes in a set of two, one yellow, one natural.

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Gather adapts to your workspace and workflow to make sure the tools you need are always within reach. The grid system allows each of the pieces to be rotated or positioned anywhere along the base.

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Available in both Black and White.

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The Sled Family of Storage combines solid wood and metal to create a system of sliding drawers and doors at different scales.

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4 mile range. 40 MPH. 4k camera.

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Constructed with polyurethane-coated 420D Cordura, which never cracks, fades, or loses flexibility. 54 litre capacity with a ZipDry closure (no rolling required). Made in North Carolina.

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Mini ceramic heater.

No Longer Available ($49)

A fun collection of simple and colorful prints.

No Longer Available ($42)

Reduced to elegant simplicity, the Lift Coasters are designed to elevate and present your glassware, celebrating the relationship between hand, glass, and table. Comes in a set of 4.

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The Liquid Body Flask is a stainless steel pocket flask. Each flask has a unique shape created through hydroforming. Two sheets of surgical-grade stainless steel are welded together and inflated with water pressure, creating a slightly unique shape each time.

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Debossed in Valentine Red ink, each 100% leather cord organizer has a unique message. This is the regular sized Cord Taco which are perfect for those earbuds or USB cords.

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As handsome as it is strong.

No Longer Available ($280)

day-bed-one day-bead-four day-bed-two day-bead-three

Refined minimalism at its finest.

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A subtle scent of honey. Beeswax is a natural air purifier.

No Longer Available ($28)


This pencil eraser does not produce dust when used.

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land-sea-print-one land-sea-print-two

Available unframed or framed in an aluminium matt black finish.

No Longer Available ($43)

rust-button-one rust-button-two

Includes two buttons. Made in Japan.

No Longer Available ($12)


Natural, undyed, Oeko-Tex Certified, 100% biodegradable.

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Contemporary all-weather backpack from Arc’Teryx Veilance in Black. Low profile laminated shoulder straps. Integrated new top and side carry handles

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marble-opener-one marble-opener-two marble-opener-three marble-opener-four

Carrara marble and gold-tone anodized aluminum come together in this substantial and eye-catching bottle opener.

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