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One size fits wall. Props to Jeff Sheldon for the find.

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Mix and match colors to create your own unique and original Sealed Watch.

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The Sharing Watch’s clock face is turned 90 degrees clockwise in order to make it easy to share the time.

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Durability, precision, and stylish functionality.  What more could you ask for in a watch?

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Georg Jensen is introducing a new trendy collection of Nato watch straps. The Nato Straps derive from the British Military where the different regiments each have their own strap color combination. Nato straps are made of nylon and have steel buckles. The straps come in a great variety of color combinations. The straps especially became popular when Sean Connery wore a Nato Strap on his Rolex Submariner watch in the early James Bond films. Blue and red NATO strap for Koppel model 317 and model 318.

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This simple, minimal watch appears to have slipped on the band. This inferred movement gives the watch its unique character. The face crosses the wrist band at 20 degrees, making it more ergonomic to read. The edge of the band penetrates the casing at hours 12 and 9, making the minimal face easier to read. A continuous 1″ nylon strap slides through the back of the watch eliminating the need for removable pins that can fail or become lost. Product available for pre-order.  Ships August 9.

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A great Friday watch. You just gotta love those colors!

The Zub Zen-V, like many Nooka faces, reads time through the use of bars. The left and center bars collectively displays the hours, while the right most bar displays the minutes. The seconds are read on the small window display, along with the day of the week right underneath. The Zen-V also features a chronograph and an alarm mode.

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The Defakto Inkognito Pvd Preseries Edition is a pure beauty of german minimalism. Limited to 20 pieces you better not think about buying it soon. Focusing on a even more reduced design we removed both logos from the dial. Due to that feature the Inkognito can be worn on both hands – being a left and right hand watch simultaneously.

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Braun has re-issued it’s collection of amazing watches. Pick one up over here. ($180)

The Braun Analog Watch is based on the original designs with slight modifications. It features a white face, black leather band, scratch resistant mineral glass and 3 hand quartz movement. The perfect blend of quality and minimal design.

Nooka always seems to know how to make it happen. Buy here ($130)