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Solid 1 inch brass rings.

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All-natural heavy duty fabric wax. Made in Portland.

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Each duffel uses a 40 year old, 100% wool, swiss army blanket so each individual duffel is completely unique.

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Smells like fresh cut cedar planks with some medicinal notes of eucalyptus thrown in for good measure.

No Longer Available ($30) – Sold in packs of 3.

Design by Dieter Rams and Jurgen Greubel, 1969.

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No Longer Available ($165)

Holy first-aid batman! This almost makes me want to get hurt, just so I can utilize it’s awesomeness.

A small all-purpose first aid kit designed for convenience, portability, and everyday use. Contents come securely packed in a sturdy metal dust and moisture-resistant box with hanging brackets. An indispensable life-saving tool, and a wonderful emblem for your wall. OSHA certified and approved by the US Forest Service.

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I’ve posted something similar to this in the past here. But this wholesale supplier in France will provide you with the materials you need to make your own original light at a fraction of the cost.

Buy here. $5/meter

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The Gentleman’s umbrella is hand crafted from a single piece of Polished Maple Wood with A Continuous Handle & Shaft and Silver Ferrule Tip. The Industrial heavy-duty framework is built to last with a metal runner with protective ACL Orange fabric. The canopy is made with a waterproof Black Watch poly fabric which accommodates a Bright Orange interior.

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No Longer Available ($12)

Each lamp is a one of a kind original.

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Eskuche 45 headphones are constructed with metal ear cups and a custom cd texture that is inspired by premium vintage audio equipment. the headphone has a single-rod ear cup to headband design that allows 180° ear cup rotation while minimizing the amount of parts and movements within the headphone, thus making the headphone more durable. the 45 comes with a detachable 150cm woven cloth cable with a gold plated screw on 6.3mm adaptor, as well as a woven cloth mic cable with answer/end + play/pause enabling you to experience the headphones with multiple music output devices.

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What a lovely little desk lamp. Although I have a feeling you could make this yourself if you were feeling inspired enough.

No Longer Available ($339)

Vintage, handmade, quality.

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