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This pencil eraser does not produce dust when used.

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Lightweight and airline safe Titanium nitride coating for corrosion resistance Perfect size with the basics to carry anywhere Includes: small and medium flat driver; Philips head driver Includes: wire stripper, pry bar, bottle opener, lanyard hole.

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leatherman-black-one leatherman-black-two

A multi-function tool constructed from black oxide stainless steel. Made in the USA.

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Constructed with Chromium-Vanadium steel alloy blades, Shinola screwdrivers feature a black oxide finish and are precision made for a snug fit between the driver and the fastener. Handles composed of turned Maine hardwood with hand-painted black finish and black oxide-finished steel ferule. 100% made in USA.

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tarmac-gold-one tarmac-gold-two

What makes the Ellepi stapler smile? Does its high-shine finish tickle? Does it gloat, knowing its retro style still charms? Maybe these little staplers are dreaming of their Italian roots, growing up in small batches in a cozy 4-man factory near Milan. One way or another, their personality is undeniable and the smirk is infectious. 


hex-pen-one hex-pen-two

Slick but substantial.


leatherman-one leatherman-two

Hardened simplicity.


spread-one spread-two spread-three

The perfect companion for avocados, cheese, hummus, or any delicious food that needs to be spread. Hand-carved with love.

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kevlar-small-one kevlar-small-two

No matter the material you cut, be it packing tape, fabric, cardboard, or a bolt of ballistic nylon, you’ll feel an uncanny sense of ease, and left to wonder how you managed life without them. These shears are the perfect household and workshop tool.

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red-tool-box-one red-tool-box-two red-tool-box-three red-tool-box-four

The cantilever top is double handled, with two upper compartments and one large lower compartment. It’s nicely engineered so that in the process of closing the box the lips of the lid perfectly overlap. There’s a small hole for a light duty u-lock to keep your tools secure.

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jan-dustpan-one jan-dustpan-two jan-dustpan-three jan-dustpan-four

A simple every day product rethought with care and functionality in mind.

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word-notebook-four word-notebook-five word-notebook-one

Word notebooks are designed to help organize your life while looking good in the process. Each pocket notebook features 48 pages of lined paper with the unique Word bullet point system. Designed and made in the USA.

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small-scissors-one small-scissors-two

Metal thread cutter.

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coffee-scoop-one coffee-scoop-two

One tablespoon. Made in the USA.

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best-toolbox-one best-toolbox-two best-toolbox-three best-toolbox-four best-toolbox-five best-toolbox-six best-toolbox-seven

This powder coated toolbox is hand-made, and hand-spot welded using 50+ year methods in the USA.

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trusco-case-one trusco-case-two trusco-case-three trusco-case-five trusco-case-four

The rugged Trusco tool box is a classic. Manufactured of stamped and enameled steel, it features a unique hinged lid and removable dividers that allow for a range of tools and uses.

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This blank key bottle opener will join up with your other keys to ensure that you never have the bottle cap blues again. Crack a cold one wherever you are. Key only – key fob is sold separately. 

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Cast in Milwaukee, WI, the design is equally informed by its end use, the rugged material and the manufacturing process. Loop has a rough tumbled finish, and will open bottles for as long as you’re drinking them.

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Drop it in your pocket and soon it will feel as important to you as your wallet and keys. Each knife takes two entire days to make.

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