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utilitybox-one utilitybox-two utilitybox-three utilitybox-four

For hobbyists, collectors and organizers everywhere. Available in red and green.

Buy here. ($115)

tasca-one tasca-two tasca-three

A minimalist and elegant design.

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red-tool-box-one red-tool-box-two red-tool-box-three red-tool-box-four

The cantilever top is double handled, with two upper compartments and one large lower compartment. It’s nicely engineered so that in the process of closing the box the lips of the lid perfectly overlap. There’s a small hole for a light duty u-lock to keep your tools secure.

Buy here. ($127)

Available in black, grey, white, and brown.

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Props to Jeff Sheldon for the find.

Available in White, Silver, Orange, Wasabi, and Black.

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Buy here. ($508)

Use the trays to store the small important things in life, keep it on your dresser or in the workshop. The trays can be compactly folded and come in two sizes, each is made in the USA.

No longer Available ($32)

Features a secure AES 256-bit encryption and is drop-resistant up to one hundred meters.

No Longer Available ($40)

A unique and beautiful approach to the simple memory stick. These 4GB products are currently available for pre-order.

Buy here. ($80)

With its eye-catching design, the iamaKey certainly stands out, but its connector (Gold SIP) is both water- and scratch-resistant, making it one of the most durable and thinnest USB keys on the market. Additionally, the iamaKey comes with LaCie Private-Public software, which helps to keep your data safe. Protective edges on the connectors ensure that you’ll always insert the LaCie iamaKey properly, keeping it usable and safe.

Pick one up over here. ($20)