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basket-one basket-two

Powder-coated plated steel.

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hum-notebook-one hum-notebook-two hum-notebook-three

A collaboration between osaka-based design firm graf and stationery manufacturer hightide. The dog ear notebook features a 3 mm grid pattern and special perforated corners on every page. Comes in natural gray, blue, and yellow.

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muji-air-two muji-air-three muji-air-four muji-air-five muji-air-one

An air purifier with dual counter fan and 360°dust collection and deodorizing filter, this air purifier quickly removes matter suspended in the air. Air is drawn in from around the air purifier and clean air is emitted from the top of the product.

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simple-candle-one simple-candle-two

Entirely for ambiance and aesthetics. To be enjoyed either burning or leaving as is.

Thanks to Isaac Daniels for the find.

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risograph-giveaway-one risograph-giveaway-two risograph-giveaway-three

To be entered into the Risograph Calendar Giveaway, simply follow us on our new Instagram, or alternatively follow us on our good ole’ Twitter. One random winner will win a 2015 Isometric Calendar compliments of Paper Pusher.

We’ll pick the winner on February 16th, 2015.

Using the perfect combination of Fluorescent Pink, Blue, and Yellow soy-based inks, and printed on a 100% recycled Oatmeal-Kraft paper with a tactile vellum finish, these calendars stand out in any home, office, or studio.

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xtable-one xtable-two xtable-three xtable-four

X Table is a manually height adjustable desk. A piece of office machinery that accommodates multiple working positions and daily reshuffling.

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shelve-one shelve-two shelve-three

Simple and white.

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infrared-one infrared-two infrared-three infrared-four

Colorful and warm.

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brass-planter-one brass-planter-two brass-planter-three

Carefully handmade in the United States, each brass planter is polished for a warm, brushed finish. Color and texture variations are an inherent part of the natural brass material and lend each piece a unique character that will continue to develop and intensify with time and use. Completed with a cork base to protect furniture.

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makr_tumbler-one makr_tumbler-two makr_tumbler-three makr_tumbler-four

Food grade copper. Natural patina will occur over time.

Available in 3 different sizes.

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gfeller-one gfeller-two gfeller-three gfeller-four gfeller-five

The case is hand-stitched with a waxed cord, and the robust 8.5 oz. American russet skirting leather is molded and finished with our signature brass snap. The Gfeller case will age gracefully over time, and will soon possess a patina, and a story all to itself.

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memo-blocks-one memo-blocks-two memo-blocks-three memo-blocks-four

The memo blocks are available in three modular sizes that form a rectangular shape when combined. Comes in white, gray, red, and a unique black option, which shows pencil marks in silver.

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grovemade-mouse-one grovemade-mouse-two grovemade-mouse-three

The vegetable-tanned leather gets even smoother with age, and feels great to the touch. A natural black walnut wood tray holds a pen or pencil, and a bottom lined with cork keeps the Mouse Pad from slipping.

Also available in Tan.

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magnifier-one magnifier-two magnifier-three magnifier-four

Heavy and elemental, the magnifier is made of a bronze housing and serves as both magnifying lens and paper weight.

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ring-planter-one ring-planter-three ring-planter-two

Steel construction, powder coated finish.

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world-clock-one world-clock-three world-clock-two

Although the face of the World Clock may not seem out of the ordinary, its cylindrical body allows it to display 24 different time zones via a clever rolling mechanism. Independently working hands allow the clock to be quickly rolled back to any of its 24 time zones, while immediately transitioning back to the local time.

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Five color silk-screened cork with a key hole on the back for easy hanging. Materials: baltic birch, plywood, ink.

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mogu-coaster-one mogu-coaster-two

These elegant coasters are handmade by Mitsugu Morita in Fukuoka, Japan. The slightly curved corner provides a graceful and whimsical characteristic, as well as making the coaster easier to grab and pick up. Crafted out of solid cherry and walnut, with an oil-based satin finish that enhances the natural color and beauty of the wood.

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bookends-one bookends-two

Each set of bookends is machined from a single block of granite and serves as the ideal support for your heaviest tomes.

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Comes with 25 perfectly-sharpened colored pencils.

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