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Milled from 5/8″ solid brass, this multipurpose cutting tool is intended to live on your desk, always within reach. Inspired by the Japanese kiridashi knife, but recontextualized for the modern workspace, the Brass Desk Knife is both a beautiful object and satisfying to use.

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A desk object, a paperweight, and a true distraction—but be forewarned, if you take it apart, you might not be able to figure out how to put it back together.

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The enameled metal body is wear- and corrosion-resistant, and includes a unique anti-jamming device for easy stapling. With improved ergonomics, this colorful reissue of a classic Italian device makes a cheerful addition to any desktop.

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The leather, in natural tan or black, is thick and supple—just right for your most precious papers.

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A helpful analog reminder to put your phone down.

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Gather adapts to your workspace and workflow to make sure the tools you need are always within reach. The grid system allows each of the pieces to be rotated or positioned anywhere along the base.

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Mini ceramic heater.

No Longer Available ($49)

Reduced to elegant simplicity, the Lift Coasters are designed to elevate and present your glassware, celebrating the relationship between hand, glass, and table. Comes in a set of 4.

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As handsome as it is strong.

No Longer Available ($280)


This pencil eraser does not produce dust when used.

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A sturdy dispenser fit for any minimalist.

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paper-clips-one paper-clips-two paper-clips-three

Functional forms in bent spring steel.

The clips are colorful, decorative, and extra large. They make any correspondence special.

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mozartkugel-music-box-snowball mozartkugel-music-box-oak mozartkugel-music-box-golden-oak mozartkugel-music-box-golden-oak-top

The 18-note mechanism is mounted in premium quality wood that has been fashioned into a perfect sphere and finished with a satin wax.

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rolu-one rolu-two rolu-three

Perfect for taking down directions, to-do lists, or grocery lists.

Available in black or orange.

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awair-two awair-one

Track and improve your air. Temperature, humidity, CO2, and dust.

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These coasters have a natural living finish that will evolve and darken with use. Lightly coated with wax and featuring a cork base, they will age beautifully into a one-of-a-kind vintage set.

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No two-handed fidgeting, just seamless and simple dispensing of tape by a bold and beautiful desk object.

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ypen-one ypen-two ypen-three

The brassing on the metal surface was accumulated through time. With the brassing, we can trace back the process that the user applied on the object.

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Available in three forms, triangle, diamond and square.

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