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type-75-one type-75-two type-75-three type-75-four type-75-seven

Instilling modernity and new life into a well-loved design classic

Buy here. ($240)

ion-c-one ion-c-two ion-c-three

A playful approach to tabletop lighting, the Ion C is reworked in cool candy colors for an approachable spin on this Schoolhouse classic.

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plug-lamp-one plug-lamp-two plug-lamp-three plug-lamp-four

Simple, colorful and unique.


lign-one lign-two lign-three

The ultra thin Lign Pendant by Theetes is 6mm of walnut wood, hand-turned to perfection.

No Longer Available ($2,900)

heavy-wall-lamp-one heavy-wall-lamp-two

Slip cast concrete wall lamp.

Buy here. ($334)

Each lamp includes 8 feet of cotton cord in the color of your choice.

No Longer Available ($78)


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The Coco Mini Pendant was designed by Australian designer, Kate Stokes. The smooth turned victorian ash genuinely compliments the powder coat spun aluminum shade creating a warm glow from within. Coco Mini has become quite popular amongst the residential design crowd as it offers a nice alternative in size to the original (and larger) Coco Pendant.

Buy here. ($1,800)

Props to Jeff Sheldon for the find.