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cook-raw-one cook-raw-two cook-raw-three cook-raw-four

207 Pages. Cook it Raw tells the story of an exciting collection of avant garde chefs who come together to create unique dining experiences that explore social, cultural and environmental issues.


spread-one spread-two spread-three

The perfect companion for avocados, cheese, hummus, or any delicious food that needs to be spread. Hand-carved with love.

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yo-dish-one yo-dish-two

Handmade by Japanese potter Kazumi Kato and is great for little fruits and yoghurt at breakfast time. These are made by hand so each one differs slightly from the photo, they all have their own unique character.

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yeti-cooler-one yeti-cooler-two yeti-cooler-three

Available in white and tan and in a wide variety of sizes. The best part of the yeti cooler? It’s grizzly-proof.

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kevlar-small-one kevlar-small-two

No matter the material you cut, be it packing tape, fabric, cardboard, or a bolt of ballistic nylon, you’ll feel an uncanny sense of ease, and left to wonder how you managed life without them. These shears are the perfect household and workshop tool.

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blini-two blini-one

Pure Iron.

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chelsea-knife-one chelsea-knife-two chelsea-knife-three

Every piece is unique and handmade. The materials are high carbon steel cut, the wood handles are crafted from local Vermont wood.

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High-fired ceramics with glazed interior.

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fresh-fan-one fresh-fan-two

24″ diameter, three speed fan. Wall mounted or table top.

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daneson-one daneson-two

Salted Birch Nº 8 are soaked and rolled in sea salt making a toothpick that brings to mind time spent on the ocean. As a general rule Daneson likes to under promise and over deliver – with this in mind each bottle has a minimum of 12 toothpicks but you should find it flush with more. All natural ingredients.

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jan-dustpan-one jan-dustpan-two jan-dustpan-three jan-dustpan-four

A simple every day product rethought with care and functionality in mind.

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wireware-one wireware-two wireware-three wireware-four

The collection includes a bread basket, fruit basket, egg carton, egg cup, and a toast stand.

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coffee-scoop-one coffee-scoop-two

One tablespoon. Made in the USA.

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boil-an-egg-one boil-an-egg-two boil-an-egg-three boil-an-egg-four

How to Boil an Egg Etc, is a collection of simple and unusual recipes for cooking eggs from Rose Bakery. Renowned English chef Rose Carrarini of Rose Bakery has chosen her favourite classic and contemporary ways of using eggs, including all the basics like poached, scrambled and fried eggs, as well as muffins, pancakes, tarts, gratins, cakes and puddings.

Hardcover. 136 Pages. 39 Color Illustrations.

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Cylinder glass vessel with walnut hardwood handle cork stopper, can be used to store dry goods or be used throughout the household. Made in the USA.

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yoshino-two yoshino-one yoshino-three

Yoshino cedar chopsticks are made from the otherwise wasted scraps of wood from thinned trees in the Yoshino Mountains of Nara. The chopsticks are all natural. Attractively packaged in wax paper wrapping in sets of 10. 

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coffee-2-cup-one coffee-2-cup-two

The small and compact coffee maker, comprising of a polypropylene resin shell and stainless steel removable plate, can extract two cups worth of coffee simultaneously. The only decorative feature is the small subtle logo at the back of the machine.

Available in three colors – black, red and beige.

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Made by one of the few remaining mid-century American potteries still in existence, Heath Ceramics.

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butter-case-one butter-case-two butter-case-three

A perfect container for storing a large wad or small sticks of butter, cheese, or anything really.

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stacking-cups-one stacking-cups-two stacking-cups-three

A set of 4 stacking porcelain cups ready to hold sauces or a single airplant. Unglazed sanded exterior, interior color of your choice.

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