Milk n' Sugar Milk n' Sugar Milk n' Sugar Milk n' Sugar


This industrial modern-inspired solid brass paper towel holder is crafted to last a lifetime and protected by a satin-gloss finish.

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Elevate the joy and comfort of making a cup of coffee with a slow, thoughtful process. The kettle is designed with meticulous attention to detail to achieve the pleasant balance between aesthetics and usability.

Available in silver, stainless, black or white.

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As handsome as it is strong.

No Longer Available ($280)

marble-opener-one marble-opener-two marble-opener-three marble-opener-four

Carrara marble and gold-tone anodized aluminum come together in this substantial and eye-catching bottle opener.

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3/4 oz is all you’ll need to craft the best gin and tonic you’ve ever had.

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Cast brass bottle opener with sand-blasted finish. Perfect on your bar or desk.

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det-danske-one det-danske-two

A classic all around beer glass for any beer type.

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hook-one hook-two

A solid brass hook.

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A friendly toaster with marshmallow like roundness.


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azmaya-cutting-board-one azmaya-cutting-board-two


These single-piece boards are made of solid kiso hinoki, a slow-growing cypress tree from  the kiso region of japan, the same wood used in high-quality table tennis rackets. Lightweight, with a very fine and uniform grain, this durable material is naturally mold and mildew resistant, and has a beautiful citrus scent.

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sweaper-two sweaper-one sweaper-three

We previously posted on this product. But now she is available for purchase. Up your sweeper game!

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borough-skillet-one borough-skillet-two borough-skillet-three

Made from 100% recycled iron, melted using waste vegetable oil, each piece is hand cast and finished and comes to you pre-seasoned with organic flax seed oil. Each skillet will have slight variations in appearance due to its hand finishing and is tagged with its edition number.

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makr_tumbler-one makr_tumbler-two makr_tumbler-three makr_tumbler-four

Food grade copper. Natural patina will occur over time.

Available in 3 different sizes.

No Longer Available ($32)

hex-opener-one hex-opener-two

Simple in form, elegant in execution, this opener is something you won’t want to keep hidden in a drawer when not in use.

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azmaya-trays-one azmaya-trays-two azmaya-trays-three

Oak with Flaxseed Oil. Made in Japan.

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sugar-bowl-one sugar-bowl-two

Made of oxidized sugar maple.

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mogu-coaster-one mogu-coaster-two

These elegant coasters are handmade by Mitsugu Morita in Fukuoka, Japan. The slightly curved corner provides a graceful and whimsical characteristic, as well as making the coaster easier to grab and pick up. Crafted out of solid cherry and walnut, with an oil-based satin finish that enhances the natural color and beauty of the wood.

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usuhari-one usuhari-two

A mouth blown line of glassware handcrafted in Tokyo.

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fujiyama-one fujiyama-two

Good beer requires good presentation. Comes in a special solid paulownia wood box, like a traditional Japanese tea cup.

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french-press-ti-one french-press-ti-two french-press-ti-three

Perfect for backpacking at a weight of only 6.3 oz.