Milk n' Sugar Milk n' Sugar Milk n' Sugar Milk n' Sugar


Available in both Black and White.

Buy here. ($150)

fuzzy-case-one fuzzy-case-two fuzzy-case-three

Fuzzy suede-like material. Soft microfibre lining.

Buy here. ($50)

slit-one slit-two slit-three slit-four slit-five

Available in black, gold, and silver. Made in Japan with extra super duralumin.

No Longer Available ($2000)

tele-lens-one tele-lens-two tele-lens-three

Sharp from edge to edge and free of pin-cushion distortion, this lens delivers amazing image quality.

Buy here. ($80)

wood-bumper-one wood-bumper-two wood-bumper-three wood-bumper-four wood-bumper-five

Handcrafted in Portland from local black Walnut.

Also available in Maple.

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Let’s face it, the default notes app that comes with iOS is a little, shall we say, lacking. If you’re tired of its short comings then you should give this simple yet powerful app a go. It was designed with simplicity in mind, so using it just feels natural. It is also quite capable, with cloud syncing options available for both iCloud and Dropbox. Over the past couple of years I’ve tried about a dozen or so note apps on the iPhone that include Dropbox sync capability (so that I can access my notes on my Mac and iPad seamlessly), the vast majority of them simply don’t work, but iA Writer works every time. I have yet to have a data loss, which is vital when you’re jotting down things you need to remember. The iOS version is both an iPhone and iPad app, so that’s swell. The Mac, Windows, iphone, iphad, and Android versions available here.

This is the only text app I would recommend to replace Notes on your iPhone. Don’t sell yourself short with cheap and ugly alternatives.

luna-one luna-two luna-three

Add some originality to your iPhone.

Buy here. ($23)

dodo-notes-one dodo-notes-three dodo-notes-two dodo-notes-four dodo-notes-five

Tradition meets technology in the first-ever iPhone-compatible paper notebook.

No Longer Available ($14)

lapka-one lapka-two lapka-three lapka-four lapka-five

Lapka is a tiny, beautiful personal environment monitor that connects with your phone to measure, collect and analyze the hidden qualities of your surroundings.

Lapka senses radiation, EMF, organics, and humidity.

Buy here. ($220)

alarm-dock-one alarm-dock-two alarm-dock-three

Alarm Dock from Areaware. This clever dock works with a downloadable app on your phone to transform your iPhone into a flip clock. Your charger can be discretely tucked away inside the dock, allowing your iPhone to be charged while docked.

No Longer Available ($41)

plus-iphone-one plus-iphone-two plus-iphone-three plus-iphone-four plus-iphone-five

Pantone goodness for your iPhone.

No Longer Available ($28)

scorekeeper-two scorekeeper-one

Game night? Scorekeeper has you covered. Throw away that pen and paper and keep score in style. More apps over here on

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goldie-one goldie-two

Add some personality to your charger. Available in a variety of colors.

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milo-one milo-two milo-three

The Milo stand offers an elegant way to prop your iPhone on a desktop, nightstand, or worktop. It features a Japanese micro-suction on both the top and bottom surfaces, which make the accessory stable and dead-easy to use. Any device with a smooth hard surface can be placed horizontally or vertically on the micro-suction pad, allowing for a comfortable viewing angle and hands-free use.

Buy here. ($13)

Compatible with all old school Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPhone products. Length: 3 Feet

No Longer Available ($18)

Buy here. ($508)

Created specifically with the iPhone 4 in mind, and compatible with a broad array of Apple listening devices, these are the headphones for those in search of a design and quality worth pairing with your iPhone. 

Those obsessed with detail will appreciate how the width of the cable and the edge finishing on the remote is nearly identical to edge on the iPhone 4, and how the L-shaped plug blends seamlessly with the iPhone 4’s form-factor.

When it comes to sound, the a-JAYS Four do not disappoint. They ship with a range of in-ear sleeves to provide ideal sound isolation, no matter the user. The 8.6 mm speakers deliver a well-balanced sound with a solid bass response, and have been tweaked to perform great in the voice frequency range, so that phone calls don’t have to take a back seat.

No Longer Available ($48)

Buy here. ($119)

The solarmonkey adventurer is a slimline, compact 2-panel solar charger with a 2500mAh internal lithium polymer battery. The clamshell design offers optimum weight-to-efficiency at just 265g and the 2 solar panels output 3 watt max. The adventurer features auto-load, self sensing switching technology, meaning when a device is connected, the adventurer will automatically start to charge your device and will optimise the charging parameters required.

Buy here. ($160)

Made in Korea. Comes in a variety of colors: Orange, Salmon, Blue, White, and Black

Buy here. ($44)