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bottle-humidifier-onebottle-humidifier-three bottle-humidifier-two

The Bottle Humidifier is a culmination of pleasing aesthetics and modern utility. The humidifier can generate enough humidity to sufficiently supply any personal space, whether it be the bedroom, office, or living room. An intuitive dimming LED light softly indicates its operating status to the user.

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risograph-giveaway-one risograph-giveaway-two risograph-giveaway-three

To be entered into the Risograph Calendar Giveaway, simply follow us on our new Instagram, or alternatively follow us on our good ole’ Twitter. One random winner will win a 2015 Isometric Calendar compliments of Paper Pusher.

We’ll pick the winner on February 16th, 2015.

Using the perfect combination of Fluorescent Pink, Blue, and Yellow soy-based inks, and printed on a 100% recycled Oatmeal-Kraft paper with a tactile vellum finish, these calendars stand out in any home, office, or studio.

No Longer Available($18)

shelve-one shelve-two shelve-three

Simple and white.

No Longer Available ($298)

infrared-one infrared-two infrared-three infrared-four

Colorful and warm.

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brass-planter-one brass-planter-two brass-planter-three

Carefully handmade in the United States, each brass planter is polished for a warm, brushed finish. Color and texture variations are an inherent part of the natural brass material and lend each piece a unique character that will continue to develop and intensify with time and use. Completed with a cork base to protect furniture.

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memo-blocks-one memo-blocks-two memo-blocks-three memo-blocks-four

The memo blocks are available in three modular sizes that form a rectangular shape when combined. Comes in white, gray, red, and a unique black option, which shows pencil marks in silver.

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ring-planter-one ring-planter-three ring-planter-two

Steel construction, powder coated finish.

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world-clock-one world-clock-three world-clock-two

Although the face of the World Clock may not seem out of the ordinary, its cylindrical body allows it to display 24 different time zones via a clever rolling mechanism. Independently working hands allow the clock to be quickly rolled back to any of its 24 time zones, while immediately transitioning back to the local time.

No Longer Available ($49)



Five color silk-screened cork with a key hole on the back for easy hanging. Materials: baltic birch, plywood, ink.

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mogu-coaster-one mogu-coaster-two

These elegant coasters are handmade by Mitsugu Morita in Fukuoka, Japan. The slightly curved corner provides a graceful and whimsical characteristic, as well as making the coaster easier to grab and pick up. Crafted out of solid cherry and walnut, with an oil-based satin finish that enhances the natural color and beauty of the wood.

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bookends-one bookends-two

Each set of bookends is machined from a single block of granite and serves as the ideal support for your heaviest tomes.

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bulb-one bulb-two bulb-three bulb-four

Blub is a clock which pairs retro technology with modern aesthetics, making a stylish addition to any desk, shelf or bedside table.


apple-tv-stand-one apple-tv-stand-two apple-tv-stand-three

Your Apple TV and remote finally have a home of their own.

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mag-rack-one mag-rack-two mag-rack-three mag-rack-four

Powder coated and handsewn. This item is made to order and will take up to two weeks to ship.

No Longer Available ($400)

otto-one otto-two otto-three otto-four

Well designed and whisper-quiet.

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Perfect for any plant.

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milo-one milo-two milo-three

New Zealand wool.

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vide-poche-one vide-poche-two vide-poche-three vide-poche-four

A double-sided tray for coins, keys, phones, wallets etc, one can either use the division side, or the single tray reverse. They come in two finishes; aluminium and gunmetal bronze.

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fire-ex-one fire-ex-two fire-ex-three fire-ex-four

An everyday object redesigned with an attention to detail.

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kevlar-small-one kevlar-small-two

No matter the material you cut, be it packing tape, fabric, cardboard, or a bolt of ballistic nylon, you’ll feel an uncanny sense of ease, and left to wonder how you managed life without them. These shears are the perfect household and workshop tool.

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