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In a world full of BIG problems, it’s the little things that matter.

No Longer Available ($26)

Soft chambray tie from General Knot & Co with deadstock floral lining.

No longer Available ($88)

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Free & Easy is a contemporary Japanese men’s lifestyle & fashion magazine that features a catalog of genuine vintage clothing and mainly Japanese reproduction brands, focusing on the rugged side of Americana.

No Longer Available ($30)

All-natural heavy duty fabric wax. Made in Portland.

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Down insulated weather resistant vest from Penfield. Features snap button front closure, two large front pockets and small logo patch at chest.

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Dope Indeed.

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The dirtier this apron gets the better it looks.

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Limited Issue. Only 25 in print.

The front of each shirt is individually typeset by hand using vintage woodtype. As a result, the letter-spacing is varied, and each impression distinct (some light, others dark), making each shirt unique and perfectly imperfect.

No Longer Available ($45)

No Longer Available ($73)

Features a gas patch logo on front w/ 97 back detail. Constructed of a super soft corduroy. Classic fit w/ inside mesh stay front supporter.

No Longer Available ($28)

No Longer Available ($350)

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The reverse flag dates back to the Army’s early history when both cavalry and infantry units would charge forward toward the enemy.  The standard bearer carried the colors into battle and the star field always faced forward as the flag moved with the charging unit.

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