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the-wild-seven the-wild-six the-wild-five the-wild-two the-wild-one

Glossy black frame, dapper white accents, teal hubs, zebra-pattern rear triangle.

Buy here. ($449)

foldy-one foldy-two foldy-three foldy-four foldy-five

Foldylock is a high quality lock that folds into a compact case that can be mounted easily  to the bike frame or carried in a backpack. Available in white, red, and green.


fjbars-one fjbars-two

Handmade with cherry wood, aluminium and brass.


Handmade in Italy.

Buy here. ($3603)

Bookman Light is a bike light. Easy to attach and detach. Attach front light on the handlebar and tail light on the seat post.

Available in red, blue, green, yellow orange, black, and white.

Buy here. ($25)

No Longer Available ($429)

Buy here. ($111)