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This pencil eraser does not produce dust when used.

Buy here. ($7)

Available for the Mac, the iPad, and your iPhone.  The Reeder app suite is an amazing example of what great software should be across all Apple platforms.  If you love your RSS feed and still use Google Reader on a daily basis then this little piece of software is for you.

Buy here. ($10)

Check out this great new writing app for OS X.  This mac based application accompanies iA Writer for iPad.

A Writer for Mac is a digital writing tool that makes sure that all your thoughts go into the text instead of the program. iA Writer has no preferences. It is how it is. It works like it works. Love it or hate it. It’s unique FocusMode allows me to think, spell and write at one sentence at a time. iA Writer is fast; it works without mouse. It automatically formats semantical entities such as headlines, lists, bold, strong, block quotes written in markdown.

Download from the Mac App Store ($29.99)