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A-Jays Four

Created specifically with the iPhone 4 in mind, and compatible with a broad array of Apple listening devices, these are the headphones for those in search of a design and quality worth pairing with your iPhone. 

Those obsessed with detail will appreciate how the width of the cable and the edge finishing on the remote is nearly identical to edge on the iPhone 4, and how the L-shaped plug blends seamlessly with the iPhone 4’s form-factor.

When it comes to sound, the a-JAYS Four do not disappoint. They ship with a range of in-ear sleeves to provide ideal sound isolation, no matter the user. The 8.6 mm speakers deliver a well-balanced sound with a solid bass response, and have been tweaked to perform great in the voice frequency range, so that phone calls don’t have to take a back seat.

No Longer Available ($48)