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Made in Switzerland. Leather and brass details with enough space that it can fit up to four watches.

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ace-patch-one ace-patch-two

The highest ranking member of the deck.

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kit-one kit-two kit-three

The Best Made Possibilities Kit includes a set of basic tools that accomplish what your fingers can’t. Paired with adaptability and some skill, the Possibilities Kit will turn sudden inconveniences into small victories.

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Precision cut from durable type 260 brass and engraved to a depth of .005″ to ensure your mobile number is legible for years to come. Natural tumbled finish will darken with use.

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matic-pen-one matic-pen-two matic-pen-three

Slick but substantial.

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minimum-wallet-one minimum-wallet-two minimum-wallet-three

Handmade and hand dyed, vegetable tanned leather card case wallet.

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pebble-01-one pebble-01-two pebble-01-three


The 316L steel case holds a swiss made, gold plated, four jewels ronda movement with up to ten years battery life. It comes with a sapphire crystal and rests on a double sided Italian leather strap.

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“It’s as true today as it ever was, he who seeks beauty will find it.” 

A patch to add beauty to any accessory of your choice.

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Lightweight and airline safe Titanium nitride coating for corrosion resistance Perfect size with the basics to carry anywhere Includes: small and medium flat driver; Philips head driver Includes: wire stripper, pry bar, bottle opener, lanyard hole.

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braun-bn10-one braun-bn10-two

Swiss quartz digital watch. Chronograph and countdown with 100 year perpetual calendar and 5 languages.

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leatherman-black-one leatherman-black-two

A multi-function tool constructed from black oxide stainless steel. Made in the USA.

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byrd-comb-one byrd-comb-two

Made from surfboard fins.

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fire-starter-one fire-starter-two

Designed to be a true survival tool, this fire starter is built to stand up to the elements and perform in them. Each is designed and made in the USA.

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eraser-one eraser-two

Designed by Chen Lu Wei for Megawing these fun erasers let you assume the role of barber while you work, all you have to do first is make a mistake.

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all-black-six all-black-two all-black-four all-black-seven all-black-three all-black-five

There’s just something elegant about the color black. Pick up your favorite items individually or buy the whole set.

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clay-pipe-one clay-pipe-two clay-pipe-three

Simple, light, smooth to the touch, with a long slender stem and a delicate bit, this pipe will deliver a full flavor and leave no residual taste behind.

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brass-keyring-one brass-keyring-two

Solid brass key ring with threaded hex-shaped closure. Easily holds more than a dozen keys, yet keeps them compactly folded within itself.

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flask-one flask-two flask-four flask-three

The flask is made with quarter inch ceramic white slip cast and accented with 2 leather straps, brass stud and brass button. The flask is 4.25 x 6.5 inches. The dark leather is oil tanned and the light leather is vegetable tanned. Made in America.

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Comes with 25 perfectly-sharpened colored pencils.

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light-pod-one light-pod-four light-pod-three light-pod-two

Turn your tripod into a light stand. The stainless steel bracket fits any standard tripod thread.